Jackie Pantaliano, President

Jackie Pantaliano has more than 25 years of proven expertise gaining widespread, positive publicity for a diversity of clients. Known for uncovering unique aspects that even surprise ImPRessions’ clients, we have a nose for news trends and a way with words that enable us to brand our clients to best attract media and public interest.

Our Media Contacts say we have great story ideas, and are very reliable and responsive. These media representatives will even proactively reach out to Jackie for story ideas or interview sources. Dawn Heefner, a producer at the local Philadelphia ABC-TV affiliate, refers to Jackie Pantaliano as “a gem.” After Jackie thanked…

Diane Lacey

Diane Lacey, PR Consultant

Diane Lacey, Public Relations Consultant with more than 40 years’ experience, serves a wide range of clients, from non-profit to retail home furnishings and fashion, to education, food, health and medical clientele.

Diane’s expertise encompasses creative concepts, copy, campaigns and trade/convention displays, as well as the introduction of new products, services, and marketing strategies. Her association with EJM Public Relations and ImPRessions has produced major media placements for several…

Jodi Gorenberg

Jodi Gorenberg, Organizational Consultant

Part office manager, researcher, organizational guru to “creative types,” tech whiz, and personal assistant, Jodi Gorenberg can accomplish more in 7 hours than others can accomplish…

Lady & Freddy Pantaliano

Lady & Freddy Pantaliano, co-CROs (Chief Relaxation Officers)

Freddy (left, a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and Lady Pantaliano (a tri-color mixed breed Cavalier and Cocker Spaniel) are 10-year-old rescue dogs who were raised together but aren’t siblings. Their roles are integral to ImPRessions’ operation. They cheer our successes, elevate our moods when we need a break, and induce calm when we are super busy!