By Jackie Pantaliano, CME, President of ImPRessions
1) Be in the right place at the right time—where your donors and volunteers are: Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, YouTube, e-mail. Query your target markets first and again later to confirm you’re hitting the mark. Be willing to make changes based on responses.

2) Be brief. No one has time to read lengthy newsletters or other missives. We’re all on information overload. Short bites of helpful, useful information are best, for example a weekly health tip e-mail blast.

3) Be relevant and timely with issues that are meaningful to your audience. This is key, and something to verify regularly with your audiences.

4) Be interactive and engaging. Don’t just show and tell. Ask questions and respond to answers. This keeps your audience involved and interested.

5) Be personal. Whenever possible, develop a one-on-one relationship using first names.

6) Be everywhere you can be to increase your recognition and positive awareness. Keep up traditional PR & publicity efforts to bring people to your website, your fundraisers, and your social media pages. You’re competing with many charities. The more recognizable ones have a definite advantage.

7) Be a cheerleader for your donors and volunteers who are open to recognition. Write about them online. Submit their stories to columns that celebrate such individuals.

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