By Jackie Pantaliano, President, ImPRessions, LLC

From The Star Ledger to the Retrospect of Collingswood, NJ, ImPRessions has captured publicity for its clients, then leveraged the print and digital clips to get them even more publicity.

Receiving feature coverage is one of the most effective means of marketing your organization, because it is presented as informational news, rather than a more obvious self-promotion piece. After receiving positive media coverage, there is much you can do to maximize the publicity, gaining a wider audience and shelf-life beyond the number of readers, viewers or listeners of that one day’s coverage.

Consider the following:

  • Always send an immediate thank you note to the reporter.
  • Be sure to post the article link or scan the article or TV clip onto your website and all social media outlets.
  • Laminate and/or frame your copy and do the same for any of your customers, who are mentioned in the article. Present the article to your mentioned clients for display in their offices.
  • Display the article in a Lucite holder or frame at any trade shows or networking events where you have a display table, or run the footage on a laptop.
  • Present a copy as a send-ahead or a leave-behind for all new business presentations. (You can do the same with a broadcast transcript, CD, or flash drive of a TV or radio appearance).
  • Send the article as a direct mailer to all your current customers and prospects, with a cover note.
  • Request that any businesses with which you are strategically aligned display the article in their businesses or stores.
  • Send a press release or have ImPRessions do so announcing the coverage you attained to any of your trade association newsletters or networking group publications. Do the same to your alumni magazine. If your coverage appeared on TV, radio, or in a magazine, send the press release announcement to your local paper.
  • You or ImPRessions can also present a copy of your clipping in a press kit or as a sample to a non-compete publication, TV or radio show in which you’re also trying to gain coverage (such as a trade publication, if you’ve appeared in the newspaper, or in a publication in a different geographic region, or another target industry).

ImPRessions is expert at helping you leverage your press coverage and maximize your exposure. Call Jackie at 856-874-1581 or email her at to learn more.

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