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Speaking and Workshops

“Whether she has her audience up and dancing, answering questions, catching a box of cookies, crying or laughing, they are always engaged,”

– Tobi Schwartz-Cassell, Owner of Franks & Beans Events. Jackie’s workshops are designed to be insightful, captivating and powerful, filled with interactive exercises, yet always respectful of any individual reticence.

Jackie’s signature workshop—Rewriting Your Life Story—is usually conducted with women in a retreat-type setting over two days, but can be adapted to different audiences and time frames. This powerful workshop helps participants get in touch with their unselfconscious childhood self, when they were most free and joyful, to best tap into their dreams. Using real life examples, writing exercises, movement, reprogramming and encouragement, participants will learn to understand and break through the fears, untruths and roadblocks they and others have put in their paths (often unwittingly), so they can accomplish anything they set their mind to. Part of this is learning to accept the past and other realities, but to learn that it has no power over you. One venue in which Jackie will be delivering this workshop is at a women’s retreat at a dude ranch in Montana, with the theme, “You Are Not Your Story: Forgiveness.” Dates TBD.

Jackie also delivers single presentations from 30 minutes, to 1 hour or longer on a wide variety of topics (see full list on Coaching page) on a range of life, creativity, business and career topics with which she has personal experience, from starting your own business to raising a special needs child to reducing perfectionism and people pleasing. This includes a presentation at a Workplace & Professional Development Symposium September 8, 2018 for professionals and students at Douglass/Rutgers University, in New Brunswick, NJ, on Career & Life Changes—Expect the Unexpected.

Jackie was interviewed about her work on September 27 on a streaming TV show called Breakfast With the Boss.

Sharing Her Own Life Story

Having lived more than half of her own life story before undergoing a massive transformation, Jackie is eager to help others transform, hopefully sooner, although she believes it’s never too late. A fearful and painfully shy child through high school, except with close friends in certain settings, the “real” Jackie (expansive, a leader, giving and funny) was in hiding due to certain early life experiences and beliefs. While change happened from college on, the biggest changes occurred in her 50’s when she finally fully accepted herself and her own opinions, connected with people worldwide and became fearless. This included “going back to high school” for her 40 year reunion, a completely different person from the one her classmates remembered (or didn’t remember, because she slid under the radar). In the process she developed deep friendships with two formerly “popular” girls. Jackie is a born storyteller with compassion, depth and soul, whose life mission is to help others be their unselfconscious selves and live the lives they were meant to live, filled with joy, purpose and meaning—and devoid of fear.

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In every life we face hardships and triumphs. We can control how we react, and remember that seasons come and go.

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